Film Review: ‘BORDERTOWN’

This is a movie very worth seeing, and a story that is screeching for a gesture of humanity. It will bring attention to the killings of so many women at the border between Mexico and the USA. And maybe this attention will help preventing more murders and maybe even help solving some cases. Main parts of the film were not shot in Juarez, but in more supportive Mexican towns and in factories that also were helpful. ‘Bordertown’ is a movie that deserves to be supported. The movie consists of ‘run and hide’ action typical to these kinds of thrillers. But it is simply stupid that Lauren eventually is considering giving up her career because of the tragic events. The production (Think Film) should have made Lopez a pretty standard journalist, which would have made the movie way less pathetic. He also couldn’t resist his urge to give Lauren a background which is pretty laughable. And some of the research work she is doing is just unbelievable.

This is a movie that is not a memorable example of cinematography (the plot is very Hollywood-ish, especially for a movie based on a real story), but the acting is quite good and it does give the viewer a fair idea of what is going on in the far away places (at times not so far after all) where our everyday gizmos are actually built in these days. And it is not a pretty picture, by any means. I think that the movie aimed at exposing the ugly truth of what has been going on right at the US border, where hundreds of women have been slaughtered for the past decade or so. But that was not all, because such nightmare did not, and does not, come out of nowhere: it comes straight out of the disastrous situation that exists in the modern-day sweat-houses (aka as ‘manufacturing plants’ to the big corporations) and the surrounding favelas where their workers live. And the sweat-houses are a direct consequence of; among the rest, ‘trade agreements’ like the NAFTA (North American Free Trade). So, even though some people might not like it, this is a political movie, and very rightly so. And now that I think of it, it does have some good cinematography in it: I find the photography extremely good. I liked the yellowish, desert-like tint that pervades the whole movie. The song ‘La Camisa Negra’ was a great choice of the movie’s original soundtrack. I really love it! It feels like I am on the real scene.


The Sheperd’s Dog

UrrRRgg!!! I got a very bad impression the first time I heard this song…as my boardmate (sis ana??)tolerated herself on hearing this song everytime she go to bed…sh0ckzZz!sounds weird right???BUT…tonight here I am listening to the new Iron and Wine album, “The Sheperd’s Dog” for the very first time. Its absolutely incredible (would I be writing about it if it wasn’t?). I could go on and on about it, but I’m only four tracks into it.  
But I do want to talk about something; about a folly of music files, and the possible death of a standard album practice.
Track 3 “The Shepard’s dog” fades into track 4 – so its impossible to know where track 3 ends and track 4 begins. Nothing new mind you, its been done for decades. In fact, its pretty much a standard on album rock albums that at least once during said album, they’re going to do it.
So what separates this specific fade? Nothing really, except for the fact that there was a huge gap  in between songs breaking the continuity of the album when iTunes changed from track 3 to track 4! Now, I know I can switch the settings to eliminate this gap, and I have already done so to eliminate future instances. But why is this set as the default? Does iTunes and Apple care so little about entire albums, since most people only download a song or two nowadays? Seriously, I know how to change it, and any one with half a brain can find the option to do so, but what about those who are scared of computers? And there are a lot of them out there – many of them happen to be extremely brilliant people in other areas.
Ok, so this is turning into a rant session, isn’t it? Still, this is one of the follies of albums as a group of files, rather than a greater body of work.
Sigh, the album really is dying. May it rest in peace. May it rise again.

2008 Opening Ceremony – Beijing Olympics

All i can say after watching the olympics introduction: the chinese is deep as hell, it seems like they 1 trillion of a population…

Just face it, despite there being many misconceptions and stereotypes about the Chinese, they will become a powerhouse within 50 years, dominating America in every way: economically and militarily. This ceremony definitely erased many negative feelings people had about the Chinese. Great job!!!!

Media: Uses and Gratification Theory

The video above shows the example of uses and gratification theory, the personal identity that suggests that media users play an active role in choosing and using the media. Users take an active part in the communication process and are goal oriented in their media use.

Uses and gratifications theory takes a more humanistic approach to looking at media use.  Blumler and Katz (theorists) believe that there is not merely one way that the populace uses media.  Instead, they believe there are as many reasons for using the media, as there are media users.  According to the theory, media consumers have a free will to decide how they will use the media and how it will affect them.  Blumler and Katz values are clearly seen by the fact that they believe that media consumers can choose the influence media has on them as well as the idea that users choose media alternatives merely as a means to and end.  Uses and gratification is the optimist’s view of the media.  The theory takes out the possibility that the media can have an unconscience influence over our lives and how we view the world.  The idea that we simply use the media to satisfy a given need does not seem to fully recognize the power of the media in today’s society.

Ideas and Implications:
Uses and gratification theory can be seen in cases such as personal music selection.  We select music  not only to fit a particular mood but also in attempts to show empowerment or other socially conscience motives.  There are many different types of music and we choose from them to fulfill a particular need.

We’re Celebrating 15 Fruitful Years this year!

As we celebrate this event, EISI family will take time out from their daily work routine at Caliraya Re-Creation Center in Lumban, Laguna from September 5-6, 2008 to mark this anniversary.

In our 15 years in the business, EISI has always focused on superior service to gain and retain our clientele. Our trainings, systems integration, project management and turnkey services are backed up by a team of dedicated and trained personnel ready to back up of our best-of-breed products. This month we celebrate the fruits of our hard work.

I’m longing for you!!!!—>true love!!!wer r u now???

Yeah, yeah. True love comes quitely… only for some reason it switches all your world “downside up” and mixes all those insane thoughts changing your nature and lifestyle… Eventually, it grows into a banging thing that is so LOUD that nobody can mess it up… even your crush’s girl-or-boy-friend. Amazing isn’t it? Oh, just I love being funny.

Well anyways..i don’t want to discuss it…

But let me greet everybody,

hAppY H-E-A-R-T-S day!!!!!!!!


Now Playing: Music

The music is playing
The music is soft
The music is now fading
The music is gone
Which means so is my life
No music means no life
The music is gone
Come back to me music
The Music is begining
I have a life
The music is pretty
The Music is wonderful
The music is fading again
I love the music
The music is gone
Good bye music
hello everyone…:)
that’s life…that’s MUSIC…
that’s music in my life…


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